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5 Best Charming Necklaces You Must Try

Got a party to attend and want to enhance your look with something that stands out yet is simple and classy? Got a picnic planned with co-workers and want to wow them with your chic style? Well, you are in the right place at the right time. From picnics, birthday parties to festivals, and #OOTD, a beautiful necklace for her can do the trick.

Nothing that looks ordinary excites anyone anymore- we all want that unique yet tasteful touch to our style. Jewelry today is not just simply a piece of accessory, it’s a reflection of your inner self and tells so many stories about you. Women’s necklaces are multipurpose- they can add bling to your whole look when you need it; they can show the chic side of you without much effort and they can grace your whole look with a tasteful charm. In this blog we’ll discuss 5 Best Charming Necklaces that you Must Try so get ready to behold some of the trendiest Vulpix necklaces out there.

1. ABYB Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace

ABYB Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace
Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls are the best companion one can find. They are the perfect combination of a simplistic natural charm and elegant chic. Try out this ABYB charming Baroque pendant necklace and you will not be disappointed. Baroque pearls are known for their quality and refined aesthetics. This necklace features a “flawless, unblemished pearl,” enough to charm a room full of people. You can style it with any outfit you like, casual clothes, formals or a saree.

2. ABYB Charming Art Frame NecklaceAbyb Charming Art Frame Necklace 08

This stunning ABYB necklace offers you innocent love and loads of memories. Every time you wear it, it will remind you of the bond that you share with your loved one and instantly brighten up your day. Want to keep a loved one near to your heart at all times? Then this ABYB jewelry piece is the one for you. This beautiful ladies’ necklace offers you the joy of expressing your artistic inner-self. The art frame design gives a fresh and unique look to any outfit, something simple yet so meaningful. This necklace effortlessly features on our list due to it’s charming and unique style.

3. ABYB Crescent Necklace

ABYB Crescent Necklace
Want to add charm to your #OOTD? Then look no further than this ABYB charming necklace with a crescent moon pendant to uplift your whole look. The crescent moon symbolizes creativity, growth and development and what better way to internalize these virtues than to keep a symbol near to one’s heart? This stylish piece is effortlessly one of the best necklaces for women today. Layering is in trend and when you get three necklaces and a crescent moon pendant in a set, it’s definitely worth investing in. Try out this beauty and thank us later!

4. KVK Collarbone Stitches Necklace

Kvk Collarbone Stiches Necklace 925 Silver
The KVK necklace is a sight for sore eyes. With its pearl beads and crystal, it’s effortlessly charming. Pearl beads make any piece of jewelry a statement piece, that’s the kind of magic they carry in them. Want to enhance your collarbone’s beauty? This super cute necklace for women is a perfect choice. Its beauty is worth investing in when you have that collarbone to die for! You can also pair it up with a collared shirt/top and it will be just as enchanting.

5. YVMIN Ripple Series Liquified Square Pendant Necklace

Yvmin Purple Ice Necklace V10
Easily one of the best necklaces for women in the market today, the YVMIN necklace is such a joy to behold. This square pendant necklace features a gemstone surrounded a silver ripple design that’s sure to make anyone pleasantly curious and fall in love with this piece. The pendant is available in two colors, Purple Ice and White Ice with a silver necklace which makes it hard to choose as both variants are equally mesmerizing. This YVMIN jewelry is definitely an easy pick when you want to make a lasting impression on someone with your unique and creative choices.

Sometimes all you need is that extra little charm with a whiff of drama. The above list has been curated keeping in mind the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. These are some amazing picks for the confident, bold and creative diva that you are.

All these five necklaces are presented to you by Vulpix, a one stop destination for all your jewelry needs. Vulpix necklaces are refined and of high-quality material with a promise of elegance and luxury. Try them out and you won’t be disappointed!!

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